Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How you can help

1. Through training to increase awareness of our product
Training sessions created to increase awareness of our product will be targeted for locals within the target group (in Indonesia and in disaster stricken areas) as well as to the public.

One of the few training sessions organised with the Asian Disaster Prevention Center (ADPC) would be in line with the projects of the Urban Disaster Risk Management (UDRM). These trainings will equip the locals with necessary knowledge to operata our power system when need be.

Through these training sessions, it will prepare the local leaders to train locals in the rural region and like-minded social volunteers beyong Thailand and rural areas to act as leaderes, immediately and with direction when disaster occurs.

If you are interested to join these sessions, please fill in this form.

2. Volunteers

A. Through workshops and programmes

Since all programmes and trainings organised by ADPC are located in Thailand, it gives those who join such sessions a first hand experience of the living conditions faced by the locals in disaster stricken areas. Being equipped with such experiences and knowledge, it enables volunteers to be able to help the locals in a more efficient and effective manner as they will be more sensitive about these issues.

However, not all of the sessions are situated in Thailand.

  1. Regional courses are conducted every year periodically in Bangkok to improve the knowledge and skills on various aspects of disaster management in line with regional disaster management needs.
  2. Program based courses involves courses under different programs at national level different countries with the collaboration of national level training organisations on specific aspects of disaster management. The series of courses conducted by the UDRM have been established in six countries, on of which includes our target group, Indonesia.
  3. Tailor-made courses are to suit the needs of particular groups of professionals to enhance their capabilities to meet the requirements of their programs. These courses are developed upon request from government, international and UN agencies, NGOs and private sector. These courses focus on the needs expressed by requesting agencies. Most importantly, these courses can be organised in any countries or within Thailand.

Our efforts will be focused on the Tailor-made courses, with our main aim to enable the full participation of all the locals within our target group and to the public who is interested, ultimately allowing the efficient use of our power system.

B. Joining our team

If you are interested to join our team in making a difference in the lives of the victims of disaster prone and stricken areas, do email us at vavcontact@gmail.com with your particulars.


To donate and help our team to expand our efforts to all victims in need, please fill up this form.